Photography by Chris Cook

About Chris and his photography

I'm a photographer based in Herefordshire, UK, who hates writing about himself, especially in an artsy-fartsy way, then again, these days most would probably be satisfied with the prospect that anyone can write a cohesive sentence, even if it is a little dull.

A self-taught photographer, for years I was searching for a style of my own, but always looking at the work of those around me, I realised that photographic art is the ability to see, capture and display something of your own vision, so I now don't worry about trends, or what the industry says is correct, I just get out there and do what feels right.

I hate studios; boring, and much prefer getting out into the wider world, derelict buildings, new steel and concrete structures and grand-old buildings of times-past appeal to me greatly, so if anyone out there knows of any such location locally that I can shoot in, do get in touch. I owe a great deal to those that have given me access to their spaces in the past and hope this trend continues as my work grows in this area.

Thanks for reading and I really hope you like my work,